A new discord moderation bot built from the ground up,
Made to help manage and make your Discord server the best server it can be!

Captcha Verification

In order to help mitigate large scale raids, Evergreen has the ability for Captcha challenges to help slow down and completely stop Discord server raids, allowing for the server owners and server moderators to relax and get back to what they love, making their discord server the best that is can be

Custom Commands

Evergreen is dedicated to helping make your server the best it can be and apart of that task is making your server custom to you, to help with this Evergreen is able to have custom commands for your server, you can add anything from custom rule commands to just some jokes with your friends. Only your imagination is stopping you!


Evergreen is packed with commands to make the management of your discord server easier, from kicking and banning users to muting and even custom commands, Evergreen is able to keep up with the constantly changing requirements of discord bots and help build your discord server into the best it can be

Open Source

Our team is dedicated to building a robust and open source discord bot that is driven to help make the discord community a better place, we are excited to be able to help build an amazing discord community the right way the open source way.

Development Team

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